• Lola is a warm, dynamic and knowledgeable person. When I met her I was feeling uninspired with food and cooking in general. I was having a rejection to meat, which caused anemia, as I was not supporting my iron/protein needs enough. She recommended a wonderful plant-based cook book which has re-inspired me and I have also tried several of Lola’s recipes which are healing and delicious. She gave me an essential oil to help support my hormones, which smells delicious and I loveusing it. She helped me to get off wheat and I no longer have the daily bloating that I experienced before. The questionnaire I had to fill out was extremely thorough. I also had to do a 3 day diet diary, which was useful in seeing what I was lacking. Lola gave me an hour consultation by phone on how to incorporate more supportive foods for my health issues. She then emailed me a very detailed and well explained Health Plan, which included different supplements to take. As I transition from pre-menopause to menopause I feel comforted by having Lola there to help guide and support me. Although I live in Spain and she is in Brighton, she is extremely available and the website link she sent made it easy to order quality supplements. I am grateful to have her in my life. Karuna, A, Spain 
  • When I first went to see Lola I had borderline underactive thyroid and IBS amongst other symptoms. Lola was wonderful – she gave a very detailed plan for me to follow and within a month my thyroid blood test results were normal. She gave me a plan to eat for energy, which really worked. It has changed the way I think and feel about food and has actually been a really enjoyable experience. I’m feeling so much more energised and full of life. Lola is warm and kind hearted and supports you as you change and improve your eating. She shares delicious recipes and is so welcoming when you visit her beautiful home. I’d highly recommend Lola to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing through nutrition. Kerry O, Brighton
  • I had a very instructive session with Lola, she is a good listener, passionate and very knowledgeable. The symptoms I was experiencing for years have gone within a week. Highly recommended! Isabelle B, Brighton
  •  Lola is a fabulous nutritional therapist and I could not recommend her enough. Being coeliac and having to follow a healthy diet, she has provided me with endless support and countless advice and for that, I cannot thank her enough. She welcomes you in her beautiful home for a personalised consultation and offers you a very precise and detailed plan to follow. She is so generous with her time and her original ideas for delicious and nutritious recipes are an eye opener onto the world of healthy living. Lola’ s broad knowledge and vast expertise make her one of a kind. Personable and wholehearted, she is the best nutritional therapist I have ever worked with and I shall hope to get sound advice from her for many years to come. Luna S, Brighton
  •  Lola is a really good listener professional, informative and creative. So much talents ! Go and see her.Isabelle H, Brighton
  • When I first came to Lola I did not have any major health worries, however, I was fed up with feeling constantly bloated and tired. Lola gave me a very detailed health questionnaire to fill out and then put together a personalised plan for me to follow. As a result of making these changes I have boundless energy, am sleeping well and I have finally lost the bloat – I feel the best I have felt in years! I cannot recommend her highly enough. P.D,  Brighton